The Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos , a fortress and palace of solid walls, encloses much of the architectural evolution of Córdoba. Roman remains and Visigoths coexist with those of Arab origin in this solar majestic as it was a favorite of the various rulers of the city. When in 1236 Córdoba was conquered by Ferdinand III , the building , which was part of the old Caliphate palace , was completely devastated . Alfonso X the Wise begins its restoration , completed during the reign of Alfonso XI. Throughout history it has been given multiple uses such as Head of the Holy Office ( Inquisition ) or prison ( in the first half of the nineteenth century). The visitor first sees this fortress is surprised by an almost rectangular building with large ashlar stone walls and four towers looming angles (the Lions , the Keep , the Inquisition and the La Las Palomas ) Within , the various departments are organized around courtyards with exotic and beautiful flowers , herbs and leafy trees. Brokers stays close to Gothic stone domes . In one of the galleries of a pagan sarcophagus access the first quarter of the third century is exhibited . On its front shows a high relief of an allegory of the passage of the dead to the afterlife through a door ajar . Highlights of all the rooms a small Baroque chapel : the Mosaic Lounge , where Roman coins of this type from the basement of the speedometer are exposed. In this room are the bathrooms, Moorish-inspired , divided into three rooms with vaulted skylights crashed . They communicate with the boiler beneath the keep . Of the two courtyards, the Mudéjar striking for its beauty. With marble tiling , the murmur of the water flowing through the channels and pools freshening and relaxes tired visitors . The extensive gardens that enclose the whole sample give monumentality and splendor of this Cordoba Alcazar.

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