The building was a former oil-mill and flour mill. His 1.200 square meters are distributed in four rooms, in which we can enjoy different aspects that compose his history, for example, the Room of the Oil and of the Olive tree dedicated to one of the fundamental sustenances of our economy, the production of oil. Also, we possess the Room of the Iberian Culture, which shows us materials of the settlement of the Hill of the Cross, which after his visit, will allow us to know better the indiosincracia of those people. On the other hand, the Roman culture also takes place in the museum with the Room of the Roman Culture. In this room there appear elements of daily use, a rich collection of coins and the extraordinary sculptural set contributed by the Roman Villa, including the sculpture of the Greco-Roman god of the dream "Hypnos" or "Somnus" the most representative piece, which allows us to know better than Roman culture. Finally, only it is necessary to emphasize the Room of the mills and cereals, dedicated to showing how that good was taking place.

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