In Velázquez Bosco, near Alhama Mosque, found part of the Arab baths, possibly built during the Moorish era over a century lavatory X related to the Great Mosque of Cordoba. Currently part of a home, being possible to visit them after acquiring the relevant entry. The bathrooms are small, are perfect example of this type of Hispano-Muslim buildings. The current hall was once the wardrobe room or rest, bait al-maslaj, and gave way to the cold room. After various speeches today to the bait al-Barid (cold room), is an open courtyard. Eliminated the vault and the pond remain original galleries with horseshoe arches and capitals Caliphate bill. The hot room, the bait al-Sajin, is rectangular and barrel-vaulted bays that housed preserves battery hot and cold water. From this room you can access an elliptical tank located more than ten feet deep.

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