It is located in the final stretch of the Bejarano and Molino streams, in the municipal term of Cordoba and in the vicinity of the Santa Maria de Trassierra neighborhood.

Its sign of identity is the forest in gallery in the banks and the one of quercinea in the adjacent zones. The relief is smooth but with some important slopes and its lithological substrate is formed by slates and shales that originate brown lands southern. The limestone tobas in the stream channels make up their characteristic waterfalls. The precipitations are winter and vary between 500 and 800 Mm. Annual. Summer is a period of drought.

Places like Fuente del Elefante, Baños de Popea and Arroyo Bejarano are well-known spaces frequented by citizens, although not always respected. They are full of history with visible references such as aqueducts, fountains or mills, which indicate the importance that our city has been playing for its water wealth.
The basin of the river Guadiato determines to a great extent the cordobesa sierra and, in its lower section, are the most interesting places of the province of Cordova from the natural point of view.

With great diversity and botanical and faunistic singularity, the lower section of this river reflects the different stages that make up Sierra Morena.

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Trasierra Village, Córdoba