From July 18 the north of the province of Cordova will possess officially an artificial beach in the zone of " The Wash " of the municipality of The Appearance, in the Region of The Pedroches.
It is a question of a beach that it will be located to two kilometers of the parameter of the dam, occupying a total surface of 1.780 square meters and a length of 125 meters. The beach will be adapted and conditioned by containers for residues and by all the pertinent measures of safety and with lanterns that work by means of solar panels.

The recreative zone of The Wash, which already receives all kinds of activities along with all the year round, turns into a place of bath adapted to all the public ones. A new element that to add to the extensive offer of interior tourism with the one that counts the region of The Pedroches, offering the only experience to the tourist, living through the possibility of attacking the heat with a bath while it is surrounded with oaks.

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