Almodóvar of the Rio possesses already the first authorized zone of the interior bath of the whole province of Cordova. And this lacustrine beach is to little more than 20 kilometres of the cardinal, half hour in car. The season will extend until September 30 and the schedule of allowed bath will be of 11:00 to 20:00, according to the obtained permissions.

The zone of the bath, of 140 meters of length, it is located in the place known as The Pinillo, close to the stall and the area of recreative activities, where also a zone of parking has been enabled.

There are different the companies that nowadays offer services of leisure. One of them, Activate Andalusia, he is close to the building of activities in nature. Between his offer they find the hiking, the shot with arch, routes in the kayak, escalation in rocódromo, climbed in rock, routes by bicycle of mountain, tirolina or waterskiing. Another company is Xtreme Gene specialized in sports activities as waterski or wakeboard. The fishing is another "attraction" that the reservoir offers, since his waters are rich in black bass and pikes, though his practice is prohibited in the zone of the bath. Neither it is not even allowed the encamped one ignite fires.


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Hola,hago una pregunta, para entrar en el embarcadero con coche y remolque para flotar un KAYAK con motor, hay que pagar una cuota mensual, que hay que hacer,. Hago esta pregunta por que no hay un lugar en condiciones para bajar el remolque a la orilla del agua, teniendo terreno para poder hacer explanadas amplias para los que tenemos remolque, y carriles en condiciones, que se pueda meter un turismo,que todo el mundo sabe que los bajos del turismo están rozando el suelo, 28/5/20

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