"Licom 2 Business Strategies, is an HR Consultant. Training and using new teaching techniques appearing in the market and which are regularly updated consulting services and training offered to entrepreneurs. Topics ranging from the Management Skills (communication, leadership, team management, negotiation and sales techniques, motivation, conflict resolution, ...) through training and equipment Business Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Talent Increased working, ... up to manage HR programs in organizations to train teams with high effectiveness, and the incorporation, management business, operating manuals and strategic plans to develop perfectly measurable and achievable goals. In managing the development of "strategic plans" work for a good company to define where to go, consolidating its activity and initiating the process of development and growth in customers and sales, working on a program that will allow them to achieve higher goals of those who initially had planned. The ultimate goal is the satisfaction of our customers in the process of learning and improvement in that start to transform your business. Licom2 Corporate Strategies, is focused on helping organizations and individuals to become, discovering, streamlining working with their talent and their values. We want to inspire them to explore in search of its best and learn to trust themselves. We accompany them on the path of change and continuous improvement to achieve the desired results, working through a clearly defined what is to be achieved planning, designing the vision, mission, purpose and goals that the company wants to achieve. Perseverance, commitment, consistency, trust, good work, the pursuit of value for the company and customers, are the values ​​that we implement and develop enterprises. We apply in all our processes of learning and business strategy Kaizen system: Continuous Improvement ".

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