Carcabuey's castle has been along the history place favored from the strategic and military point of view for the control of all the road links of the region of the SubAndalusian one since in there were coming together the ways that were used as communication to five Andalusian provinces.

It rises on a rocky promontory that the people dominates and to the one that gives his name, the Hill of the Castle, in which they have found remains and vestiges of occupation humanizes in all the historical periods, being able to go back in the time up to, at least, the Full Bronze like it there testifies the finding of a sword of bronze (1200 to C) preserved nowadays in the British Museum of London or an urn of ceramics of the type Cross of the Black (800 to C) that is situated in Priego's Historical Museum of Cordova.

In Islamic epoch it was an object of Ibn Hafsun's incursions, at the end of the Emirate, being dominated and demolished by the emir Add-Allah in 892. Conquered the square for Fernando III, was rebuilt according to models of other fortifications, as those of Fuengirola or Iznajar. From middle of the 13th century, it belonged to Calatrava's Order, until in 1333 it was conquered by Muhammad IV of Granada and reconquered and modified little later by Alfonso XI, joining, after multiple donations in Aguilar's Dominion.


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