The castle that today we know, was raised by Diego Fernandez of Cordova in the 15th century. The strength, with cylindrical towers in the angles and square in his flanks, between that of the 'Honoring', stands out, is perfectly integrated to the urban area of the population, helping with his presence to praise and provide with medieval attraction the environment. A total of five stages of occupation have prevailed in the history of Dona Mencía's Castle. The first one, fetchable in the epoch tardorromana, towards the 4th century and V and the VIth owed to a rural accession of 'villa' dedicated to agricultural tasks. One comes second in the 13th century, with the peoples of Calatrava's Order who raised a watchtower. The third one was carried out at the beginning of the 15th century, raising the castle Mudejar architects to the service of the House of the Fernandez of Cordova, in order to shelter to a major number of troops. The fourth stage initiated in the 16th century would correspond with the transformation of the castle, in his new functions of the store, granary, and mill, and would extend up to the 19th century. As for the fifth stage, it developed at the beginning of the 20th century, with the Christ Rey's religious ones.


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