Castle The Madroñiz is an Arabic fortification raised between the XIth and XIIth century on the fertile plain of the river Zújar, watchtower of the communications that were joining the south subplateau with the valley of the Guadalquivir, and last bastion of the north of the province, located strategically to rest and to defend the step towards Toledo.
After the Christian conquest, it went on to hands of the Infante Don Manuel, son of Fernando III, to finish in power of the counting-house of Holy Eufemia in s. The XVth, after exchanging it with the Fernandez of Cordova for the possessions that the Mexía had in the field. He has remained linked to the house of the Mexía and to the marquisate of the Guard until 1912.

From his former Moslem brilliance, there has come to us his trace and the tower of the honoring, of the square plant crowned for merlones. During the XIVth and XVth century, in the Castle The Madroñiz there were realized diverse actions, moment to which there belong both cylindrical towers that flank the door of access to the great court with crenelated walls. The sober decoration Spanish Muslim living under Christian rule of influence limits himself to the lintels of some doors, adorned with labors of ataurique toledana, as well as to the shields of the gentlemen of Holy Eufemia.
Restored and in mint condition of conservation, it has been rewarded by the Association Friends of the Castles, being the most significant building of the civil architecture of The Appearance.

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