The Castle of the Default is on the banks of the river Cuzna, in the place known by Cuzna's Crowns, in Villanueva's municipal area of the Duke, province of Cordova.
In the southern spurs of the municipal area and Hinojosa of the Duke they established themselves in very early epoch, possibly in the 8th century the North African Berbers of the clan kazna, tribe who gave origin to the famous population of Cuzna, wherefrom there was original the cadi Mondir ibn Said to the-Ballutí, chief of the prayer of the mosque of Medina Azahara in times of the caliph to the-Hakam the IInd.
This important Moslem accession turned into simple fortification of strategic character, the Saint was conquered in 1237 by Fernando III, and lay, brother, together with other strengths of Cordova, to Calatrava's order, who supported it until in 1245 his territories joined the alfoz of the capital, remaining assigned to Bélmez's parish.


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