In full downtown there is located the Castle of the Mulberry tree, a medieval strength, declared well of cultural interest. His central, most ancient part, it was probably realized between the XIth and XIIth century, in the epoch of brilliance of the Jewish Lucena. His initial structure of square plant has towers in the angles, emphasizing the Tower of the Mulberry tree, of plant octogonal and baroque cover, shows on the outside a shield that gives the name to the strength. Also stands out the Tower of the Honoring, possible cell of the last from Granada king Boabdil " The Boy ", captured in the battle of the Martin Gonzalez, in 1483. From the 16th century, the castle is transformed in the residential palace of the masters of Lucena, the Marquesses of Comares later to happen to be Palacio and Castle of the Medinaceli.

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