To the south of the province, in the Field of Cordova, there raise the good vintages that later give place to the succulent wine that this year we will taste in the trying of Cordova. The wines with name Montilla - Moriles is most adapted to satisfy the palate of more demanding those with these broths.

The different types are the Thin one, the Amontillado one, the Fragrant one, the Cream, the Pedro Ximénez, the Young White and the ecological ones, being the predominant variety the white Pedro Ximénez, who occupies more than 80 % of the surface dedicated to the culture of the grapevine. These wines are raised in boots or barrels of American oak, by means of the system of criaderas or crossbeams and under so called " veil of flower ", a dense cap of yeast that floats in the surface of the boot and that is the one that gives him this own touch of the wines Montilla-Moriles.

The music also entertains the celebration and diverse activities take place, between that stand out tryings directed by enologists for those visitors who request it.

Already they are available the sale of income online, with a maximum of 1.500 income for the Wednesdays nights, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On the quota of income having finished online, also these will be able to be acquired in the same ticket office of the enclosure.




13.00 h. - 17.00 h.

21.00 h. - 01.00 h.

Place: Esplanade of the Excma. Deputation of Cordova

- Individual to 8 € for the Wednesdays nights, Thursday and Friday (5 more items consumed 1 taster) or 10 € (5 items consumed and 2 taster).
- On Saturday night (gastronomic night) a price of 14 will have € the individual entry (5 items consumed, a glass and an exchangeable share in any of the establishments of gastronomy).
- Shares can be acquired every day by a price of 6 € close to the purchase of items consumed

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Explanada de la Excma. Diputación de Córdoba Plaza de Colón, s/n 14001 Córdoba