It was created from 1996 by Priego's Townhall, in honoring Antonio Povedano, who had stimulated years before the activities of " School Frees of Priego's Plastic Arts of Cordova ".
It is dedicated of monographic form to the kind "landscape" and presents different ways of seeing and interpreting the landscape across the work of some of the best Spanish specialists of this kind.

The figurative trend Manuel Capdevila and Agustín Úbeda are represented by the realism of Amalia Avia or Jose Lapayese, Jose Hernández's magic sense or the expressive reinterpretation and colorist of Agustín Redondela, Cowherd Palaces, between others. Antonio Suárez or Jose Vento approach the abstraction, on the other hand, the painters' works as Jose Abad, Molina Montero.
The Center organizes exhibitions and cycles of conferences on Art, Landscape and Tourism. At present there is prepared the second phase of this Center which monographic subject matter turns it into only one into Spain.

The rooms that there occupies the Center of Art Antonio Povedano of the Spanish Contemporary Landscape were projected and constructed under the direction of the Architect Javier Calvo Pozo.

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