CONSTRUCTION YEAR: Its foundation dates back to the 13th century

STYLE: Gothic-Mudejar structure. The main portal, designed by Hernán Ruiz II, was built in the 16th century under Renaissance and Mannerist postulates.

LOCATION: Plaza de San Nicolás, 0, 14003 Córdoba

INTERIOR: The temple has three naves with rectangular and flat headers. The central nave deeper, tall and wide than the lateral ones, is covered with wooden armor, with forge braces, composed under the Mannerist postulates inspired by Serlio models. It consists of a plot of large octagons linked with smaller squares, all decorated with polychrome motifs.

The three naves are separated by pillars of the cruciform section, to which are attached half columns that serve as a support to the arches formers, pointed and bent. In the parliament of the central nave, there are also pilasters supported by pointed blind arches that turn in the upper part of the wall.

The two lateral naves are covered with vaults of edges in whose center they show keys decorated with vegetal reasons in stucco, of baroque time. Its heads are covered with two sections of quadripartite ribbed vaults.

HISTORICAL REVIEW: it is a Catholic temple located in the city of Córdoba, in (Spain), and its foundation dates back to the thirteenth century. However, the passage of centuries has been felt in the building by the addition of new elements or the transformation of existing, surviving in its factory different styles.

The original Gothic-Mudejar structure with an almost square floor plan is conserved, with three naves without a transept. The main portal, designed by Hernán Ruiz II, was built in the 16th century under the Renaissance and Mannerist postulates. The tower is of a strong military imprint, beginning its construction in the time of the Catholic Monarchs, on the remains of an earlier Islamic minaret.

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the temple underwent important architectural transformations in the tower, covers, covers of the two lateral naves, as well as other buildings that have given a baroque configuration to the whole built.

BROTHERHOOD: The Judgment.

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