National monument. It is one of the most excellent buildings of the saw. His construction is of the epoch of the Kings Católicos, taking advantage of the stones of the Castle demolished previously. Still, his clear Mudejar structure can be observed. It consists of three ships and can qualify between(among) the religious monuments of the 13th century to the XIVth, which construction began once finished the Reconquest for Fernando III. The headboard of the temple got up in the 15th century and was decorated by paintings of this epoch that still can be observed behind the baroque altarpiece.

He presents three front pages: the principal one that looks in the northern part, of ends of the 15th century; on the south side Spanish Muslim living under Christian rule remains still the door, of the 14th century, with pointed arch of brick, of the Gothic-; and the west one also of the century XV-XVI, with airy portico. In front of the door, there are mosaics of stones filonianas of the region of the 16th century, forming small roses and geometrical designs. Interesting they are the altarpieces dieciochescos, as those of the Virgin of the Rosario, the Immaculate Conception and the Blessed Souls as well as the wall paintings of the central ship and a Monk's picture Diego Delgado of the 17th century.


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