YEAR OF CONSTRUCTION: Built in the 13th century

STYLE: Fernandina.

LOCATION: Plaza de la Magdalena.

HISTORICAL REVIEW: The Magdalena Church, which gives its name to the Barrio de la Magdalena, is one of the Fernandina churches, built in the 13th century by order of Ferdinand III of Castile, after the Christian conquest of the city in 1236.

It is a basilica church with a tripartite head, with three naves separated by pillars that support the characteristic bent arches. Above them, it supports the roof, with a ribbed vault for the lateral aisles and the central panelling, wider and higher than the lateral ones.

The main chapel does not have an altar; in its place, a carving of Mary Magdalene, former owner of the church, presides the chapel, with a crucified.

His artistic style is that of the time in this city: a style in which the purely Castilian influence brought by the conquerors is revealed, but in which it is the late-romantic style (which at that time worked in Castile), is replaced by the Mudejar, combined with Gothic elements. The cover of the Epistle is the oldest of the churches in the city. On September 5, 1990, he suffered a raging fire that completely ruined his interior.

For years the church of the Magdalena has not been cultured having been desacralized. Currently, it is the venue for exhibitions that are mainly sponsored by the Social and Cultural Projects of Cajasur.


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