At the foot of the Hill of the Castle, in a spied place and from that the whole people are perceived, there raises, with majestic freightage, the Church of Our Lady of the Asuncion. There is not known by certainty the origin of this construction but it could be that the former Major Church of Santa Maria, to which Ruy Díaz de Berrio was referring in his testament, already in 1.383, maybe was corresponding with the emplacement of the current church, that not with the construction modified throughout the centuries and of aesthetics very isolated from the one that was reigning in those times. But this does not happen from simple conjecture because of the primitive construction anything stays. Rafael Osuna Luque, in his " Carcabuey's History ", says to us that that one " was finished about middle of the 16th century, nevertheless, of these moments only the lateral front page remains; the rest of the current construction corresponds to accomplishments carried out along the 17th century and beginning of the XVIIIth ". These later works are: the tower, concluded since it says an inscription that is situated at the foot of the same one in 1780, and the major altarpiece, as well as the chapel of the Sacrarium and the tunnel vaults with lunetos that cover internally the building.

In 1.908 it suffered a fire and many of the parts, especially in that it was predominating over the wood, as the choir or the major altarpiece, they had to be reconstructed. It is a question of a construction of stone, rubble, and brick, of a plant of Latin cross, since it is habitual, except exceptions, in all the constructions of religious nature.


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