The information relative to his exact date of construction that appears it is of 1260, and in a decree of the Bishop don Pascual for the concession of the " parochial limits ". Concerning 1394, with the utilization of the way of Cordova to Toledo, there is realized the construction of the primitive temple. His current, more ancient remains are of ends of the 14th century. The plant of the church is similar to that of the churches linens of the "Reconquest"; of three ships separated by five arches to every side, it does not have cruise and the apse is polygonal in the ship central and squared in wings.
We can estimate diverse extensions throughout the XVIth and XVIIth century, possibly of Hernán Ruiz. Initially(originally) of s. The XVIth should have realized a wide reform, probably directed by Hernán Ruiz I and that should have concerned

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