STYLE: Baroque style

LOCATION: Calle Compás de San Francisco, 0, Córdoba

HISTORICAL REVIEW: Also known as the church of the Ancient Monastery of San Pedro el Real, it belonged originally to the Franciscan convent of San Pedro el Real, founded in the 13th century and which disappeared during the confiscation process of the 19th century.

It is known that the day of San Pedro and San Pablo of the year 1236 the city of Córdoba surrendered to the Christian troops of King Fernando III, El Santo; and to commemorate that date he founded two convents, that of San Pablo, which he donated to the Dominican fathers, and that of San Pedro, which took the nickname of the Royal and which was directed by the Franciscans until the time of their confiscation.

After the confiscation, and when the cloister was demolished partially, a textile factory was established in the convent; the materials of the convent served for the construction of the Café del Gran Capitán and the marbles of the staircase for a house in Écija.

Thus, from the old monastery of San Pedro el Real today there is only its church and part of the cloister that was demolished and urbanized in Plaza by the City Council in 1982 according to the project of Carlos Luca de Tena and Alvear. A square preceded him to the Convent; a "Compass" that included the free land that remained around the convent and that still today is still called "compass of San Francisco".

BROTHERHOOD: Prayer in the Garden and Charity.

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