This chapel of neoclassic style initially Martyr was forming a part of San's Pedro attached temple. The principal, and more ancient space, it fulfills the function of dressing-room of the titular image, it was realized by Vicente of the Castle and the stone-cutter Andrés Cordón in 1758, forming a circular space of neoclassic style. In his interior, it contains a canopy, which shelters the image of Our Father Jesus Nazareno. The second space was realized about 1838 coinciding with the closing of San's Pedro temple Martyr and he presents similar architectural disposition that the dressing-room, except in the dome reduced with radial very flat bands. In the sculptural aspect they emphasize the image of Our Father Jesus of Nazarene, realized in the 16th century, of Gothic features and the urn of the Holy Burial realized by Pedro of Ore and Gutiérrez in 1769, which there contains a reclining Christ, Michael de Verdiguier's work of the year 1774. San's Pedro Church Martyr of Verona was forming a part of a former convent Dominican founded in 1575. The temple only preserved the exterior walls, the reed-mace and two front pages: that of San Pedro and that of Our Lady of the Rosario, both manieristas, datables concerning 1630, though the first one shows baroque elements added in 1721 under Leonardo Antonio's direction of Castro. The recently restored building has plant of Latin cross, where elements stand out as the central ship, with vaults realized in wood, and the cruise. Equally the work has allowed the recovery of the main face, the adecentamiento of the blind triforium on the lateral ships and the zone of columbariums, presided by the height of Juan Paul II realized by the local artist Francisco Javier Lopez of the Hawthorn.

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