The Parochial Church dedicated to San Sebastian (protective saint of such frequent pests of all kinds in the antiquity), dates back to the middle of the 16th century. Already it existed in 1.589, year in which it appears in a document of General Visits of the Bishop of Cordova. It describes it with enough accuracy and catalogs it like beautiful.
In 1.591 part of the tower is repaired, on order of the Bishop of Cordova, on having presented this great crack, repair " that did to himself almost everything of below above, that was quite to give in the soil ".

Of the 16th century, it is also the magnificent baptismal battery of granite with decoration in relief that remains in the temple.
It is nevertheless, during the period understood between 1.672 and 1.774, when the Church acquires his current form, except minor later repairs.
During the Civil war, the Church suffered some damages, among them the major altarpiece that was destroyed and later replaced with another one.
The Parochial Church of San Sebastian is considered by the celebrated historian Esteban Márquez Triguero as one of the purest of the Mudejar art in the region.

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