This Gothic Mudejar temple of the S. The XIVth is worked in stone grain. The Torrecampo's most important church is formed by a rectangular plant orientated to Jerusalem. The plant divides into three spacious ships separated by polygonal props that support arches aimed at columns octagonal without capital. They present three apses of rectangular plant crowned by starry vaults.

Spanish Muslim living under Christian rule is covered by the central ship with artesonado with tyrants decorated with labors of the bow.
He presents other two minor, equally starry ships, forming an elegant cruise. In the left side of the cruise one finds Jesus Nazareno's height, work of the sculptor Romero Ortega.
In the back part emphasizes his magnificent baptismal battery gallonada that follows the own schemes of the zone.

It possesses two fronts of the epoch, one in the northern part that is the principal one in the square of the Church, another one in the southern part and solid exterior buttresses, in the street Calvary.

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