It arises after the movement of the population to his current emplacement in 1435, is raised by bulla of Alejandro VI and is founded as the abbey of the Fernandez of Cordova in 1497. The primitive construction affected by the earthquake of 1761 and reformed later, finally it was replaced by the current temple raised in 1784.
It is a question of a temple of the sober front, to the interior, it divides in three ships separated by props octogonales of brick that round arches hold and with a vault of an edge as the only used copulation, with the exception of the dome of the presbytery.

The major altarpiece, of great simplicity and of neoclassic style, finished in 1790, relating to the art of the native of Cordoba Alonso Gómez de Sandoval. It consists of three streets, sheltering the head office the heights of the holder of the temple and of San Pedro. To both sides, in the headboard of the lateral ships, we find the chapels of the Immaculate Conception and Ntra. Ms of Dolores; whereas the chapels of the Sacrarium and Jesus Nazareno shape the line of the cruise.
It possesses an important sculptural heritage, they are worth outlining the images of the Brown Christ of middle of the 16th century; Virgin of the Rosario of Paul's circle of Red; Christ Yacente and Saint Bartholomew attributed both to Alonso's workshop of Ore; as well as a valuable image of San Jose of ends of the 18th century.

It hoards equally important pieces of silverwork as the custody, work of Madrid and of style rococo given by the Abbot at the end of the 18th century.


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