The Church of Santa Maria of Grace was constructed in 1549 through the current byline of 1965, the date in which the original one was demolished. According to the new educations of the Council Vatican the IInd, the former parish was knocked down due to the ruinous condition in which it was situated and to the construction of a new church that would be more adapted for the worship. These arguments did not convince the people who argue that with a work similar to the realized one in the Hermitage Mother of God would have been enough to preserve it in the foot.

Placed in the Plaza of Andalusia, opposite to the Town hall of the locality and of a way perpendicular to the principal artery of the municipality, the Parish of Santa Maria of Grace possesses a plant based on an ellipse, which gives him cylindrical appearance. The walls are of brick I dress and the flat cover, separated both for a window of colors.

Of the 17th century, they are different of the images pasionistas of Montalbán, between which there stands out Christ's articulated effigy, with which the Descent continues being represented in the evening of the Good Friday, and at which there presides the temple constructed by the architect Carlos Sáenz de Santamaría.

The Parochial Church of Santa Maria of Grace only has a small altar dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, which is done by remnants of baroque altarpieces. Several columns of the same origin use as pedestals in the presbisterio of the temple, whereas other remains, also of the dismantled altars, were in use for heightening the images, which they guard in a chapel.



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