The front of the Church of Holy Sea-coast was realized in the 14th century, when don Diego Gutiérrez of the Rivers and his wife, asked the bishop for license to construct a new church in Fernán Núñez's strength in order to move the population of Abén-Cález, very scourged by the Moorish incursions, to the surroundings of the strength. The license was granted on February 13, 1385. The primitive parish was attached to the strength, this one construction was very poor and was differing in his orientation with the current one. Of the primitive parish only there stays the tower of the strength that was turned into the belfry and that still preserves his primitive structure. In the exterior a few characters remain epigráficos Gothic and a few decorative elements based on balls and remains of battlements. This primitive parish survived until the 1724 year in which I declare in ruins, moving the worships to the Hermitage of the Charity and beginning the rebuilding of the current church.

It is on order of the prelate Don Marcelino Siuri who orders his closing and demolition, beginning the works in the year 1724, directed by Don Tomas de Predraxas. The temple was finished for the year 1739, the first baptism being celebrated día1 of January, 1740. His style is net baroque, according to the architectural trends of the epoch. The central ship is very wide and there is covered by one beautiful vault of which, in the center of the cruise, the dome of the presbytery stands out, with precious wall representative paintings of the most outstanding doctors of the church. In the lateral wings, much narrower than the central ship, there can be admired great number of chapels, some of great artistic interest.

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