The church of Holy Rafaela Maria, constructed together with the natal house of Holy Rafaela Maria of Jesus' Sacred Heart, is the religious construction beautiful and interesting mas realized during the 20th century in the region of the High Guadalquivir.
It was built in the year 1950 by the architect D. Francisco Lencina Lopez. It is a question of a temple of historicist lineage with the only domed ship presenting diverse elements in mármoles polícromos.

His front is monumental, with a giant order of pilasters supporting the fronton of the auction and a front page of attached columns. The church of Holy Rafaela Maria possesses an altarpiece in mármoles of several colors presided by a nice crucifix of ivory, offering a sumptuous character. Under the altar of the church, one finds the crypt where are buried the relatives of Holy Rafaela Maria.

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