YEAR OF CONSTRUCTION: End of the 18th century

STYLE: Neoclassical

LOCATION: Plaza Sta. Victoria, 1, 14003 Córdoba


The church of Santa Victoria is a Catholic temple in the city of Córdoba. It is part of the Santa Victoria School and is located on Santa Victoria Street. It is surrounded by buildings of high artistic interest, so it is part of the historical and artistic heritage of the city. In addition, its location in one of the highest points of Cordoba turns the dome of its church into a reference point of the Cordoba urban landscape.

The Santa Victoria School was the first educational center built in Córdoba to specifically address the education of women. Its construction was made in the second half of the eighteenth century and according to the guidelines of the neoclassical or academic style, is a very remarkable example of this style in Andalusia. The traces of the building are the work of French architects Luis Gilbert and Baltasar Drevetón, and the entire complex and especially the church are the most important example of neoclassical architecture that has the city of Cordoba, highlighting the monumental facade of the church, which has a portico with 6 columns and a triangular pediment. The design of the work was due in 1759 to the French architect Luis Guilbert, replaced the following year by the also French Baltasar Devretón. In 1772, the partial collapse of the dome of the church caused that it was called for its recomposition to Ventura Rodríguez, to whom the definitive configuration of it is due.

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