STYLE: Gothic-Mudejar

LOCATION: Calle Agustín Moreno, 26, Córdoba

HISTORICAL REVIEW: The Church of Santiago is located in the easternmost neighborhood within the walled city. This ancient mosque was reused for Christian worship in the 13th century during the Reconquest. Only the Arabic minaret has survived, nowadays it has become a bell tower.

The temple underwent several reforms in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and was once burned with flames. Between 1987 and 1990, some remodeling works were carried out, returning part of its original medieval appearance.

Like other Fernandina Churches, the Church of Santiago has a rectangular plan, divided into three naves, the central being the widest. The medieval portal, located today in a narrow street, has given way to another more unnoticed. The growth of the population caused that the houses were sticking more and more to the temple, confusing it between the buildings.
The carving of the Christ of Sorrows stands out in the interior of the Church of Santiago. An anonymous work of the thirteenth century, whose brotherhood goes out in procession on Palm Sunday. In the Shrine of the Tabernacle, there is Our Lady of Solitude, a solemn and mature image that stands out above the other painful ones.


The Church of Santiago is in one of the most magical and mysterious neighborhoods of Córdoba. The network of its streets, irregular and labyrinthine, favored the development of certain dark businesses and of a bad reputation. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is considered the "witches' neighborhood". A few meters from the Church of Santiago, the sorceresses of Cordoba met, made and sold their potions and ointments. The Church had a great role in that enclave since it was one of the most conflicting points for the Inquisition.

BROTHERHOOD: Sisterhood Of the Sorrows of Santiago, Sisterhood Of Solitude and others.

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