The Circle of the Friendship is born on May 31, 1854. It was founded by 132 illustrious partners of the society of Cordova, Alfonso XIII has his headquarters in the street. Today it possesses more than 2.500 members and occupies a surface of 4.210 square meters. It enjoys a heritage constituted by the own building, a library of about 17.000 volumes and an important pictorial bottom Julio Romero's linens of Towers, Carlos Ángel Díaz Huertas or Jose Maria Rodríguez of the Rivers Losada, between others.

There stands out Francisco Javier Valdelomar, baron co-litigant of Source I conscript; Faust García Tena, dean of our press; Duncan Shaw, expert of mines and maker of the near smelting lead to the Creek of the Stones in 1861; the illustrious justice Jose Michael Herares and Amico, the first president who had the Circle; Fernando Amor and Major, professor of Natural History; Juan of God Pole and Muñoz de Velasco, brigadier Carlist; or the banker Pedro Lopez Morales, etc.

On April 30, 1964, the Town hall of Cordova grants him to the Circle of the friendship the First Medal of Gold of the city. On March 31, 2006, King Juan Carlos I grants the title to him of Royal, and the Diary Cordova delivered him the award of Natives of Cordoba of the Year 2012.

These headquarters Ulysses Simpson Grant, Don Juan Carlos and Dona Sofía have contemplated the presence of illustrious prominent figures of cultural, political and artistic range, as the kings Alfonso XII And Alfonso XIII, the Prince Humberto, the Prince of Wales, Isaac Peral, Alexander Fleming, Frank Liszt, Isaac Albéniz...

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