The climate of Cordoba is conditioned both by atmospheric phenomena and the characteristics of the relief. The Mediterranean climate could be considered, although it is very continentalizado microclimate following the city generates. The moist air masses coming from the Atlantic meet the orographic barrier of the Sierra, which in its route along they are unloaded rainfall on the slopes, thereby arriving at the city all the moisture is gone . Therefore we can say that Sierra Morena is an important physical barrier that prevents the discharge of rain that comes from the Atlantic where however generated, is the valley of the Guadalquivir which facilitates the arrival of rainfall to the capital, because the warm air masses coming from north Africa find no orographic barrier from the Gulf of Cádiz downloading rainfall along the Guadalquivir depression, especially in autumn and spring. The solar incidence of Cordoba is important, providing us with an average of 143 clear days, compared to 76 that is covered. As for temperatures, the maximum recorded during the summer keeping low the rest of the year in a very soft average levels.

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