Clínica Baviera is a medical institution specializing in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of all types of eye disorders. In our clinic network, consisting of more than 70 centers across four countries (Spain, Germany, Austria and Italy), a team of more than 150 ophthalmologists has already made more than 600,000 treatments, which makes us European Reference Centre in ophthalmology. Clínica Baviera has become a leading medical company in Spain and Europe through excellence medical professionals, the forefront of the medical techniques used and the wide network of its disposal. All this means that over 400,000 patients have trusted Clínica Baviera. .The clinic Córdoba, has dilated eye path Giménez-Almenara family. As to its portfolio of services, offering treatments for the correction of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, as well as treatments to correct farsightedness (presbyopia) and cataracts. For this procedure there is extensive experience with which members have Giménez-Almenara family, who specialize in other pathologies of vision as glaucoma, vitreoretinal disease, strabismus or treatment of keratoconus and surgery corneal.

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Elena Tudor

Buenos dias ! Queria saber el coste de una operacion de cataracta en un ojo. Muchas gracias !

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