LEGAL BASIS: Tutto Cordoba held a lottery on its website facebook promotional purposes aimed at people with legal residence in Spain, over 18 years. All participants who do not meet this requirement will be dropped. It may not be delivered over an award for individual or home. No prizes were awarded in the Spanish territory. All participants in the draw, for the sake of participation accept the rules of this promotion, the rules governing their participation and the terms, conditions and privacy policy and data protection exposed. They may not participate in the labor competition or related persons professionally with the Organising or those who have participated directly or indirectly in making promotion and their relatives to the first degree. Scope of application. The competition is open to individuals with legal residence in Spain, over eighteen (18) years at the time of entry. Such participation constitutes your full and unconditional agreement to these Rules, being the organizing decisions in all aspects of the Contest final and binding. Winning a prize is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein. The contest begins on 7 noviemmbre 2015 at 10:00 am Central European Time Hours ("CET") ends on 22 December 2015 at 10 am CET H. (the "Contest Period") Computer Department of Marketing and Projects of the organizing will be the official timekeeper of the competition. Mechanics of the draw and form of participation. They come in drawing all those who having visited the Facebook page of Córdoba Tutto give me love and share the photo on their personal profiles provide and discuss what they like most about the app: Want to take this great pata negra ham? It is very easy to hit "Like", "Share" and "comments" do you like most of the app. THE PRIZE WILL BE AWARDED IN CORDOBA CARMENES. IN THE EVENT THAT THE WINNER IS OUT OF CORDOBA SHIPPING WILL BE AWARDED FOR ACCOUNT. Only those participants who leave comments on this photo or mail it through Facebook contact is not taken into account. Only one entry per person will be accepted. The use of automated systems is prohibited holdings, leading, if disqualification. In case of conflict with respect to a registration as a participant will be considered the authorized account holder of the email address used to enter owner. The authorized account holder is the natural person to which an Internet access provider, online service provider and other organization responsible for assigning email addresses for the domain associated with the address communicated organization, assigned an e-mail electronic. It may ask each potential winners to provide proof of being authorized account holder. Awards and specific rules The grant award is: A BRAND HAM IBERIAN CONQUERO Specific rules: The award of promotions is not transferable. (Ii) The winner or winner is not eligible for more than one award to those described above within the promotional period. This promotion is free. Prizes may under no circumstances be subject to change, alteration or compensation at the request of the winners and are not transferable without authorization from the organizer, or redeemable for its cash value. Prizes may be waived. Should anyone be no winners, the organizer of the lottery reserves the right to choose the destination of the prize.

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