Declared Monument in 2008. Created in 1.524 by request of the people and founded by nuns of Santa Clara of Belalcázar's Column. Ahead a wide court is opened by portico of simple columns to which one accedes for a door on the outside of Gothic tradition. In his better times, it was a spiritual fish-pond of which Abbesses and founders would go out of different others of the province, reaching similar reputation to that of the nearby one Our Lady of the Help.

He is A Monk Juan de la Serena, guardian of the neighboring convent of Our Lady of the Help, who, on order of the omnipresent Monk Francisco de los Ángeles, takes charge displacing Belalcázar, in order that of the convent of Santa Clara exclaustre and he accompanies up to Pedroche Sister Maria de San Buenaventura and Sister Catalina of San Juan, who, according to Bulla granted by the Pope León X, were founding, together with the twenty congregated ones in the primitive house "institution for pious old women", the convent of Our Lady of the Concepcion.

The Advent of the last civil war, the community had to remain out of him, producing a serious deterioration to him in his factory. After this bloody parenthesis it was restored again and on August 22, 1942, it received in his renovated cloister thirteen religious ones.
The religious concepcionistas left at the end of 1998 the convent for lack of vocations. Nowadays the Townhall is an owner of a part and the Bishopric has yielded the rest (except chapel and choirs) for his restoration and use.


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