Start: San Rafael de la Albaida, Carretera de Trassierra (CO-3402).
End: San Rafael de la Albaida, Carretera de Trassierra (CO-3402).
Distance: 46km.
Positive slope: 1080m.
Negative slope: 1080m.
Time: 155 min.
Minimum / maximum height: 130 / 581m.
Type of terrain: Roads, paths and asphalted sections
Difficulty: Medium-high
Signalized: Partially (SL-A74; PR-A342; SA-A93)
Recommendations: Carry water, until km 31 there are no water points

0,5    Guadalmellato Channel                

Take the road next to the canal
4.9    Roundabout CO-3304                  

Cross the road and continue straight
7,8    Vereda de la Canchuela               

Turn right and cross the canal
16,6  Vereda Llanos Mesoneros             

Turn left onto PR-A342
17,3  Fountain of the Marchioness         

Turn left on the Canadian step
22.3  well of the crosses                       

Continue straight on PR-A211 and GR-48

24.3  Canadian Tour                             

Turn right onto PR-A211

27.5  Puerto Artafi                                

Cross the road
28,1  CO-3402                                     

Cross the road and take the PR-A211 path to the right
29.2  Llanos de Arjona's Urbanization     

Join the road to Sta. María Trassierra
31,4  Sta. María Trassierra (1)               

Continue on C / Escritor Echegaray
32.3  Sta. María Trassierra (2)               

Turn right onto GR-48
32,6  Santa María Trassierra (3)             

Turn right "Fuente del Elefante" signs
34.3  Cortijo el Caño                             

Turn left (open gate)
36,5  Highway CO-3314                        

Turn left and enter the road

41,8  Costs of the blowout (start)           

Leave the road and continue Cuesta del Reventón (SL-93)
43     Costs of the blowout (final) The patriarch            

Turn right before the asphalt



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