The Christ of the Grievance and Mercy, popularly known as the Christ of the Lanterns known, was made by sculptor Juan Navarro León in 1794 being its promoter Capuchin Franciscan Friar Diego José de Cádiz.1 Nestled in one of the most traditional places in Córdoba, Square of Capuchinos, the Christ of the Lanterns are lit for eight lanterns around you and give it its popular name. The present appearance of the Christ of the Lanterns originated in the gates that were erected in the 20s of XX century and lanterns were replaced by more sullen in 1984. Formerly belonged Square courtyard Capuchin Convent of Santo Ángel (Capuchins), I said congregation donating to the city, among other things, for being a transit point between two popular neighborhoods of Córdoba.

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