Every year, there are celebrated in Cordova the Crosses of May, a popular contest that consists of rewarding the best-adorned cross. With the passage of time, a Christian tradition native of Cordoba has turned into this party established between the activities of the May.
Always the first weekend of May, the inhabitants of Cordova raise big crossings in many squares and corners of the city and decorate them exuberantly with flowers. The better-decorated crosses will be rewarded by the Townhall. But this festivity, nowadays, not only treats of the presentation of the best cross but in them, they can be from actions(performances) folclóricas up to enjoying the environment taking a glass of thin.

The crosses of May have his origin in the Christian faith. In times of long ago, the inhabitants of Cordova were adorning his crossings, the symbol of his belief, to honor them. With the course of the time, the artistic aspect of this tradition was turning increasingly into the area of interest. Thus, there is celebrated this contest that native of Cordoba opens the May.

The fundamental object of the contest is the ornamentation of a cross, by means of floral plants, as well as natural and/or traditional elements, elaborated and managed by groups and civil entities.


Date: From May 1 to May 5, 2019.

Start: May 1 at 12:00 h.

Hours: 12:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and from 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Wednesday May 1, Friday May 3 and Saturday May 4, the schedule will be uninterrupted from 12:00 to 02:00 (optional for each cross) having to be music off between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

Price: Free.

Historical hull:

Cruz de la ciudad / Plaza Tendillas (fuera de concurso)

Hermandad Vía Crucis / Plaza de la Trinidad

Hermandad de la Sentencia / Plaza San Nicolás 

Hermandad de la Buena Muerte / Plaza Ignacio Loyola

Hermandad de la Paz / Cuesta del Bailío

Hermandad Padre Jesús de la Sangre / Plaza Cardenal Toledo

Hermandad de la Santa Faz / Plaza de la Compañia

Asoc. Córdoba Sólo Hay Una / Plaza de Eliej Nahmias

Asoc. Cultural Abades / Plaza de Abades

Hermandad del Huerto / Plaza Tena Andaluza

Asoc. Sonrisas de Lunares / Plaza del Potro

Hermandad Jesús del Calvario / Plaza de las Cañas

Hermandad del Socorro / Plaza del Socorro

Hermandad de la Misericordia  / Plaza de San Pedro

Hermandad de la Soledad / Plaza de la Lagunilla

Hermandad del Resucitado / Plaza Conde de Priego

Hermandad de la Expiración  /Plaza Santa Marina

Hermandad de la Borriquita / Plaza San Agustín

Hermandad Padre Jesús Nazareno / Plaza del Padre Cristóbal

Hermandad Stmo. Cristo de Gracia / Plaza Cristo de Gracia

Hermandad del Buen Suceso / Plaza Poeta Juan Bernier

Hermandad Penas de Santiago / Plaza de San Andrés

Modern zones:

Hermandad de Jesús Caído / Plaza Flor del Olivo

Hermandad del Amor / Avda. de Fray Albino

Hermandad de la Sagrada Cena / Calle J. Dámaso "Pepete"

Asoc. Cultural Los Quintos / Boulevar Hernán Ruíz 

AA.VV. Huerta del Rey / Calle Cairuan

Peña Quijotes Cordobeses / Calle Baena

Centro de la Mujer Villarrubia / Plaza de los Ríos

Alternativa Sindical de Policía A.S.P. / Calle Pelagio

AA.VV. Cañero Nuevo / Calle Joaquín Benjumea

AA.VV. San José Obrero / Pasaje Poeta Antonio Gala s/n

Hermandad de la Merced / Pedro Gómez Lasema

Close Zones:

Hermandades del Trabajo / Calle Rodríguez Sánchez, 7

Hermandad de los Dolores / Plaza de Capuchinos, 6

Asoc. Cáritas Sagrario / Calle Samuel de los Santos y Gener, 5

Casa de Sevilla / Calle Ronda de Andújar, 17

Asoc. Niños/as Saharauis / Calle Escañuela, 3

Asoc. Amigos del Gazpacho / Calle Doce de Octubre

Hermandad Salesiana del Prendimiento / Cine Fuenseca

Hermandad de la Esperanza / Calle Zarco (Cine Olimpia)

AA.VV.Al. Ándalus / Calle Pintor Sorolla

ACPACYS / Calle Dolores Ibarruri, 2

Club Figueroa / Plaza de la Marina Española s/n

Asoc. Vec. Alcázar Viejo / Calle San Basilio, 13

Hermandad del Santo Sepulcro / Triunfo de San Rafael

Asoc. de Mujeres La Estrella de El Higuerón / Avda. Principal El Higuerón

Peña Los Emires / Calle Queso, 5

Hermandad de San Rafael / Calle Roelas Anexo Iglesia Juramento

Crossings in the historical center
Crossings in modern zones
Crossings in closed enclosures
We recommend to you that the crosses that they find in closed enclosures as other, should be opened the public without being able to establish either limitations or prohibitions of any class. Only the limitation would be justified by appraisal without being able to be in use this fact as the argument of access.

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