The Festival of the Guitar of Cordova us brings this year the cycle " Street Guitars ", which is celebrated from June 28 until July 13. The most emblematic zones of the city will receive concerts and spectacles of big guitarists, being the opening and the closing of the programming in the Room Hangar and other concerts will distribute for the different neighborhoods with free entry.

On June 28 - 22.15h: Álvaro Guerrero in Room Hangar; It illustrates: Lolo Álvarez.
On June 29 - 22.15h Xavi of the Tower in Plaza of the Goose (Avda. Barcelona); It illustrates: Lolo Álvarez
On June 30 - 22.15h Marco Conzi in Door Almodóvar; It illustrates: Jesus Gtrrez
On July 1 - 22.15h Baris Yavuz in Door of the Bridge; It illustrates: Víctor Gómez
On July 4 - 22.15h Sara Banda in Pz. Souk (The Workroom); It illustrates: Víctor Gómez
On July 4 - 13.00h Baris Yavuz in Door Theatre Góngora; It illustrates: M.A. Ruiz

On July 6 - 22.15h Sara Banda in Automatic; It illustrates: Jesus Gtrrez.
On July 7 - 22.15h Antonio J. Sands in Door Town hall; It illustrates: Jesus Gtrrez.
On July 9 - 12.00h Gloria Ariza in Hospital Reigns Sofia
On July 10 - 22.15h Job Rumbao in Sliding Plaza (The Source); It illustrates: M. A. Ruiz
On July 11 - 22.15h Gloria Ariza in Coffee(Café) Malaga; It illustrates: Víctor Gómez
On July 13 - 22.15h The Fugitive in Room Hangar (Holiday closes)

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