One finds Cordova placed in the region of the SubAndalusian Cordobesa, to an altitude of 590 meters and to 77 kilometers of the capital of the province. Part of his municipal area enters inside so-called " geographical center of Andalusia ", accompanied by that of other municipalities as Goat, Monturque, Aguilar of the Border, and Lucena.

The most ancient remains found in the term are a tomb proceeding from the culture argárica. The current urban core was founded by the Marshall of Castile Diego Fernandez of Cordova. In 1653 it became free of Baena, term to which is concerned.

The municipality arises tied to the castle between the need to defend the way of Baena to Goat during the 13th century. In 1415, D.Diego Fernandez of Cordova obtains the privilege to form a villa and, from then, there were constructed the first buildings attached to the wall. The development of the people began with the formation of the Flat street, Hospital, Prop being extended during the XVth and XVIth century to the streets of Above, Calvary and Towers, occupying the first slopes of the Serrezuela.

In the 15th century, a church was constructed close to the castle, with an alone ship, which was demolished in the 18th century to construct Ntra's church. Ms of the Consolation, in three ships of baroque style. For his great size, the temple was considered to be an architectural jewel of interest in the province of Cordova, until in September 1932 a fire should destroy it completely.

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