The Mosque - cathedral of Cordova offers other options for the visit. This one is the case of the traditional diurnal visit, across which one makes possible to discover a magnificent architecture, fruit of the integration of the most different artistic styles. In addition, of enjoying the numerous altarpieces, paintings or works of goldwork that the building guards in his interior.

In this modality of visit different services for the user are offered, in order to optimize his experience of the visit. Thus, the visitor tells to his disposition with an explanatory leaflet - a plane that, available in seven languages, he revises in a didactic and graphical way the principal milestones of the monumental set. Likewise, the possibility of the contracting exists of audioguías, that offer a complete historical - artistic statement in different languages. In a more recent way, the service has added to them of audioguía infantile, that has supposed a bet for bringing the monument over to the smallest, with adapted and pleasant contents.

On the other hand, the visitor cannot do without the visit either Belfry Toasts her, one of the most emblematic milestones of the monument. The rise to the cathedral Tower not only allows to know an example of singular and significant architecture but in addition, we will enjoy a few impressive conferences urban, to 40 meters on the soil since it is the highest and privileged viewing-point of the city of Cordova. The visit to the Tower Belfry, given the limitations of this construction, is structured in different passes limited to 20 persons, who develop in schedule in the morning and evening.


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