The historians place the origin of the population concerning 1480, immediately after the demographic expansion registered in the region, and the church was constructed at the beginning of the 16th century. 
One finds Cordova placed in the region of the Valley of The Pedroches, to an altitude of 556 meters and up to 82 kilometers of the capital of the province. It is the smallest municipal area of the province of Cordova.
In 1594 it was forming a part of Belalcázar's Earth, in the province of Trujillo. Source of the Boat was A Hinojosa's village of the Duke until during the year 1820 it reached full municipal independence, previous request of his neighbors, appearing already with the title of the villa.

During the civil war, the body XXII of the republican army encamped for belonging lands at the conclusion of Source the Boat, being his soil take part of one of the last big terrestrial battles of the contest: the offensive of Estremadura. The body of the Moroccan army took possession of Source the Boat for the rebellious decree on March 26, 1939, together with Hinojosa of the Duke, Belalcázar, Villanueva of the Duke, the Appearance, etc.
They stand out in the municipality: the Church of Holy Catalina and the Hermitage of Santo Domingo.


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