Belonging to the region cordobesa of the High Guadalquivir, Villa of the Rio, she is a population placed in the most oriental part of Cordova, limiting in the zone East with the province jienense. 
Villa of the Rio, it is located to a distance of 52 Km and to an altitude of 168 m on the level of the sea. 
The historical information of the municipal area of Villa of the Rio, is a product of superficial explorations, speaking what refers to an early occupation of the zone. 
It is represented well by materials, at least from the Final Bronze, in the surroundings of the zone, as well as Iberian remains, which us throw certain clarity on this one early occupation.

In the soil, there appear also material ceramic Greeks, who inform us about the economic importance of the zone, since it is the normal thing, that referred these findings, to commercial exchanges with the former coastal Mediterranean zone. On the other hand, the findings of Iberian ceramics, with geometric decoration, together with Roman materials, indicate the existence of peoples Iberian - Roman seated up to Roman epoch.
The locality, his population will increase historically, from ends of the 18th century, for the wealth of his land of labor, as well as for his industry loom and of cloths of the epoch. Economically it has changed the system, happening of living of the primary sector, to the secondary - industrial one, on which there depends on the majority of our population, and placing in a very important, national place and internationally, the known Villa of the Furniture, thanks to the category of our products.

The people have supported an outstanding paper, especially in our more recent national history, being a frontier zone, between both political groups faced during the Spanish Civil war.
They stand out: The Castle and the Local Museum of History " House of the Chains ".


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