The origins of this municipality go back to the Low Middle Ages (XIVth and XVth century), but in times of the Paleolithic and the Roman epoch already it was populated.
The villas that gave origin to the municipality were Torremilano and Torrefranca, whose major height developed in the XVth and XVIth century, being in this period when his more relevant architectures got up.

They were two physically close villas, but juridical - administratively they were different, one concerned to the Crown, and another one to the dominion of Holy Eufemia.
Torremilano and Torrefranca were a cradle of nobles and noblemen, this social range has remained clear, across the centuries in his monuments and manors of front pages and noble shields, preserving one of the most important architectural legacies of the existing ones in the zone.

It was December 11, 1839, when the General Espartero, regent of Queen Isabel II, decreed the merger in an alone municipality of both villas: Torremilano and Torrefranca, with the current name of Two Towers.
Emphasize in the municipality The Bridge of Holy Ana, Bridge of San Juan, San Roque's Hermitage, Church of Our Lady of the Asuncion, Church of Santiago and Antigua Early Christian Basilica.

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