It is placed to an altitude of 487 meters and to 67 kilometers from the capital of the province, Cordova. 
Located to the south of the province of Cordova, in full region of the SubAndalusian one, in the middle of a rich field of olive trees and vineyards, Lucena's city appears to the visitor as a dynamic city that hoards a rich historical and artistic heritage inheritance of an important Jewish, Arabic and Christian past that they did a prosperous enclave as city of three cultures.
Lucena, ancient 'Eliossana', was known as the "Perla de Sefarad". His cultural brilliance can be compared to that there reached the literary circles Hispanics - Hebrews of Cordova and Granada during the Caliphate and the kingdoms of Gangs.

They stand out: San Mateo's Church Apostle, Castle of the Mulberry tree, Palace of the Counts of Holy Ana and Jewish Necropolis.

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