Royal oaks it is a young municipality that it was born as such in 1836 when it became emancipated from Lucena. Nevertheless, his origins go back to the 17th century, and Roman remains found in The Mersillas speak to us about his remote past. This way, the houses started being accumulated in his current enclave towards beginning of the 17th century, being the first inhabitants of Royal Oaks farmers lucentinos that were coming to work the fields of the dukes of Medinaceli in order that this way the inhabitants of the new village did not have to be going to Lucena to fulfill with the Holy Mother Church. Slow they should have been the works, since they did not conclude until 1814, almost two centuries after initiated. In the places, there were oaks former, of there the name, but the primitive one was Thin Oaks, which it gives to understand that these trees were very separated or thin. The reason for this so dispersed aspect owes to the continuous feelings of these cores of oaks during the wars of the Christians against the Muslims of the Kingdom of Granada. With the time, the adjective was transforming up to turning in Royal current, that grants to the villa more lineage and importance and to that there is related a legend that counts how Dona Isabel the Catholic one, going of the trip, rested in the shade of a few big oaks that there existed.

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