One finds South placed in the region of the Field, to an altitude of 358 meters and to 41 kilometers from the capital of the province, Cordova.

On the place that occupies The Ravine, a prehistoric settlement settled itself in the so-called place " The Minilla ", where some years ago a few bell-shaped glasses were situated with more than 4.000 years. Later there would settle itself a Roman city that the population would wall and on this one the Muslims would found AL-RAMLA (that means sandbank). In 1480 the possession of his castle was granted to Gonzalo Fernandez of Cordova " The Great Captain ".

But on February 6, 1521, The Ravine lived through the most important historical event during the reign of Carlos I, on the cities having met in her anticomuneras of Andalusia to ratify the King. The Ravine was a villa of realengo belonging to the jurisdiction of Cordova. In 1647 Philip IV allows him(her) to name major mayor, but five years later the delivery to the Count-Duke of Olive groves, which inheritor, the Marquess of The Carpio, her sells in 1677 to the Marquesses of Almodóvar, later masters of The Ravine.

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