Santaella, municipality native of Cordoba of the south field. Placed in the full heart of Andalusia, to some 40km of Cordova; near Seville, Malaga, and Granada, as well as to big villages like Écija, Montilla, The Carlota, Bridge Genil, The Ravine …

In his extensive municipal area, they have found enough testimonies of the past that have been reconstructing important part of Santaella's history. There are great the civilizations that from the prehistory happened for these lands and left his legacy doing of Santaella a monumental village of enormous captivation.

His gastronomy is based on the products that the land gives us, though we cannot stop mentioning the bread of people or the sweets so typical as the ring-shaped rolls of mushes, the pastelillos of cider, the sponge-cakes and without end of delights that they will make enjoy to the palate.

To his former streets and historical places of interest, there adds the current importance of sculptures and commercial district, as well as crafts and new companies of the transformation of agricultural products.

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