Montalbán receives his name of the castle that presided for many years at the urban area of the villa, on the left margen of the river Martin. The history of the villa is narrowly linked to the castle and to Montalbán's commission of the order of Santiago. Nevertheless, of the strength and monastery only perviven the foundations, since they were destroyed during the First War Carlist in 1839.

Montalbán appears in Leader Sings of Mine since The Leader dominated the Saw of Sure and Montalbán at the end of the 11th century. The villa is mentioned by the time first in the Christian documentation in 1158, when Adriano IV confirmed to the bishop of Saragossa, Pedro, all the churches of his diocese, between which that of Montalbán was included. It is not known by accuracy the date in which Montalbán was reconquered to the Muslims, but Ramon Berenguer IV got hold of the villa concerning the year 1160.

The fortification of the villa dates back to the 14th century when it gave I begin the war between Castile and Aragon, the War of the Pedros. It was this most important century for Montalbán, consolidating his importance inside the region. Likewise, in the above mentioned century the current parochial church was built.
In the 15th century Montalbán she was still an important population since it is known that in his mosque one installed one of the first presses that entered Spain together with that of Híjar (1475).

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