Pedroche's municipal area has 121,7 km2. The people Está placed to 621 meters of altitude.
Though it is not known the exact date of his foundation one thinks that it had his origin in epoch prerromana. During the Arabic domination, Bitraws, since he was named Pedroche, together with his castle of stone (Betrus Hisn) was the most important population of the cora of Fash to the Ballut (Valley of the acorns) judges'(judge) residence (cadis) and governors (walíes).

In 1155 it is conquered by Alfonso VII, but there does not happen to be able definitively of the Christians up to after the conquest of Cordova for Fernando III the Saint (1236) who she donates to Cordova in the year 1243. In 1265, Pedroche is designated the capital of the Archdeaconship of the saw of Cordova.
At the end of the 15th century, Pedroche and his strength were a square very coveted by the nobility of Cordova, supporters to Isabel the Catholic one on the one hand and of Juana la Beltraneja for another one. Fed up with these embites the own neighbors of Pedroche decide to destroy the Arabic castle in the year 1478.

The epoch of maximum brilliance comes for Pedroche in the 16th century when there are constructed the majority of his architectural monuments. In this century Pedroche stood out for his textile industry, making cloths and baizes, as well as quilts of colors and linens, managing to have more than three hundred looms.
They stand out in the municipality: the Church of The Salvador, Convent of Our Lady of the Concepcion and the hermitages of Our Virgin Mistress of Piedrasantas, of Santa Maria of the Castle, of San Sebastian and of Saint Lucia.


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