Tower and field, or, defensive strength and the land of labor, weapon, and plows, war and peace. Isolated in the southern band of The Pedroches, as his neighbors Conquista and The Gravel, Torrecampo does not offer in way of traffic; it is necessary to go.
And his pertaining to roads isolation preserves it from disturbing influences, as a reliquary of well-preserved essences pedrocheñas.

Villa placed in the central zone of The Pedroches, to Pozoblanco's north-east, from which it is far 18 Km, with a distance to Cordova de104 Km, and with an altitude of 572 m.
Torrecampo arose as a village of the neighbor Pedroche, and in 1484 it reached his administrative independence. During the Modern Age, it joined Seven Villas of the Pedroches.
To the south-east of the term pervasive, on the hill of the equal name, the ruins of the castle and Mogábar's settlement, enclosure lived from the Calcolítico at the end of the 13th century, in which it could become depopulated.

Mogábar's zone is rich in anthropoid sarcophagi carved on rocks.

They emphasize the Church of San Sebastian and the Museum Put of the Moor.

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